Can I pair two Rowkin earbuds individually to my phone and use them separately?

 Yes, even with two stereo paired earbuds, you can pair the left earbud (primary) or the right earbud (secondary) as a standalone to your phone. The advantage to this is that you can pick up any one of the two earbuds, and it will pair with your phone. You can easily use any single earbud with your phone. With mono sound, you no longer need to distinguish a left or right channel. This setup also allows a longer listening session. You can use one earbud until it runs down on power, and then switch to the other earbud while the first one is recharging in the charger. 
  1. Turn off the left (primary) earbud and turn only the right (secondary) earbud on. 
  2. Press and hold the right earbud until you see a red & white flashing light, indicating that it is in pairing mode.  
  3. You will see a second Rowkin device entry pop up in the Bluetooth setup screen on your device. Press “Connect” to pair the individual earbud to your device. 

Now you have two registered Rowkin entries on your phone: one for your Left earbud and one for your Right earbud.

When you have both earbuds already paired with your phone, turning on the remaining earbud will automatically re-establish their previous stereo pairing. The control and the connection would be passed back to the left channel (primary) for stereo music. You will hear ‘second device connected’, then each earbud would report ‘left channel’ and ‘right channel’.


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