How do I pair the Rowkin earbud with my phone?

To pair the earbud to your mobile phone, follow the steps below:  

Press and hold the control button on the earbud until you see the alternating red & white blinking light. The Rowkin earbud is now in pairing mode and is identifying itself in the Bluetooth network. 
Open your Bluetooth settings on your device. Your mobile phone should see the “Rowkin” device name in its Bluetooth setup screen.  
Once the Rowkin device is selected,  the earbud lights should change to a slow blinking white light.

To reconnect the Rowkin earbuds:

Press and hold the button until you see a white light. The status light may be red at
first, and then will change to white once the earbud is reconnected to your phone’s Bluetooth. The Rowkin earbud should pair automatically the second time around.
Most mobile devices will indicate that the device has been paired. If not, check your Bluetooth settings. If you have the earbud in your ears, you will hear a “power on” voice prompt, and then a “tone up” sound when the Bluetooth connection is established.

Note: If you press and hold too long, the earbud will go back to the initial pairing mode with the alternating red & white blinking status light. Looking at the status light is the easiest way to tell when the Rowkin earbud has paired with your phone. The slow blinking white light should indicate the Rowkin earbud has been paired. 

If you are having more trouble, you can also follow along with this Rowkin video

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