What if my earbud(s) will not charge?

Please check if you see a red light when you place the earbud(s) in the charging case. The earbud status should be red when charging and no light (not white) when it is fully charged. The earbud(s) use a magnetic conductive charging mechanism. Having the status light turn off minimizes power drain when the earbud is on standby in the charging case.

The charging case can be recharged by the micro-USB cable provided in the package.

When you press and hold the control button on the earbud, there should be a “Power On” when you turn it on, and a “Power Off” when you press it again to turn it off. The original Rowkin Mini will respond with a ‘tone up’ and a ‘tone down’. Please note if there are no sounds from the earbuds or flashing status lights, the earbud may be defective.

We also noticed that some of our devices have charging interference from the black glossy finish. A simple solution is to rub an eraser (e.g. eraser on the back of a pencil) on the charging connection points.

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