Why is my connection unstable?

You may be experiencing some external interference that is causing the Bluetooth headset to drop the connection with your host device. There are a number of factors that can cause this to happen, WiFi signals are the biggest culprit of them all. If there is a 'fade-out, fade-in' issue coming from the headset, this means that the device recognizes that there is a signal interfering with the connection between your source device and earbuds.

The strength of Bluetooth connections 
depend on various things. A number of them include the signal strength of your device (ex: cell phone), the distance, the sensitivity of the remote device (ie: the Rowkin earbud), any obstruction between the two, and the surrounding environment. If the Bluetooth connection is interrupted, both the earbuds and the remote device will attempt to re-establish another connection.

If the Bluetooth connection to Rowkin earbud(s) seems to be unstable, try changing the position of your device relative to the Rowkin earbud.  A direct line of sight is the best. For example, instead of placing your mobile device in a purse, try placing on a desk right in front of you. 

 The second suggestion is to try the reset procedure on the Rowkin earbud(s). You will need to Stereo Pair the two earbuds again. We also recommend deleting the pairing
your phone and adding back the pairing again. You can follow along on this video to reset your earbuds

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