How do I keep track of my earbud(s)?

For the Rowkin Mini/Mini Plus+, you can put it on a lanyard. If you look at the back cover of the charging case, there is a small hole under the bar with the Rowkin name. You can easily use the string part to thread through this hole (like a needle and thread). You can also split open the metal ring of a lanyard and slide it through the hole. Be careful not to split it too far apart, or you may stretch it out of shape. You can also attach the charging case onto something larger to keep track of it.

For all other Rowkin products, we recommend placing the earbuds back into the charging case when you are not using it so that they are not easily lost. This also helps keep them charge for later usage.

Alternatively, you can purchase Rowkin earhooks, which can help to keep the earbuds in place while in your ear or in case they fall out. 


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