Can I pair each earbud as a Primary (standalone)?

Yes, you can. We outlined basic stereo pairing for your phone in the user guide. However, you can also pair each earbud as a Primary (standalone). To do so, pair the Secondary (right) earbud standalone to your phone (keep the Primary (left) earbud off). You will now see a 2nd Rowkin Bluetooth entry in your phone.

This setup is actually quite useful because you can pick up one of the two earbuds without needing to check which one is the Primary (left) or the Secondary (right) and that earbud will pair with your phone. You can use one until it loses power, turn on and switch to the other one, and put the original one back into the charger.

Please note that any previous stereo pairing will be remembered if you turn on the remaining earbud. The control and the connection would be re-established back to the Primary (left) earbud to connect with your phone for stereo music. Using both in tandem extends listening time.

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