How do I pair more than one device to my Rowkin earbud?

The Rowkin earbud comes with Smart Multipoint Connectivity, allowing you to connect to two devices simultaneously. 

For example: You can stream music from one of the devices (e.g. computer), and receive incoming calls from your second device (e.g. mobile device). 

Note: This multi-point pairing is limited to a single Rowkin earbud, not stereo paired earbuds.

If you already paired the Rowkin earbud to a device, begin at Step 2. Otherwise, begin at Step 1.

1. Pair the Rowkin earbud with Device A. 
2. Once connected, turn off the Bluetooth function on Device A. Turning off the Bluetooth settings on Device A will make sure it will not interfere with the Device B pairing.
3. Turn off the Rowkin earbud, then turn it back on and pair it with Device B.
4. Turn on the Bluetooth function back on Device A, and then re-connect it to the Rowkin earbud.
5. Now your Rowkin earbud is paired with both devices A & B simultaneously.

You can also follow along on this Rowkin video

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