How do I charge my earbud(s)?

To charge the earbud, simply put the earbud back to the charging case and the charging will start automatically. This is charging “on the go” functionality without needing USB power.

If the charging light does not turn on, check the ear cushion to see if it is fitted correctly on the earbud. An improper eartip fit may prevent the earbud from making solid contact to the charger.

The earbud status light will be red when charging and off when it is fully charged. The earbud will automatically stop charging when its battery is full. It is fine to leave the earbud securely stored in the charger case. If the earbud power drops below a certain battery level, the charger will start up automatically to bring the earbud back to full charge.

The charging case can be recharged by the micro-USB cable provided. This image illustrates the charging components of the Rowkin Mini Plus+.

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