How do I pair with my phone?

To initially pair Rowkin earbud(s) with your phone, please press and hold the control button on the earbud(s) for 6 seconds until you see the alternating red and white blinking status light.  This means that the Rowkin is identifying itself via Bluetooth and Rowkin will be visible in your phone’s Bluetooth setup screen. After pairing has been established, the status light will change to a slow blinking white light.

For subsequent pairing, simply turn on the Rowkin earbud(s) by pressing and holding the control button for 4 seconds.  You should see 3 quick white flashes, followed by 2 red flashes indicating that it is automatically pairing with your phone. Once pairing is established, there will be a slow white flash signifying the Bluetooth connection is recognized by both devices.

Note that if you press and hold too long, it will go back to initial pairing mode with the alternating red and white blinking status light. At this point, quick pressing the control button does not activate automatic pairing. Please make sure to turn Rowkin earbud(s) on properly by pressing and holding for 4 seconds only.

The easiest indicator that your Rowkin earbud(s) is paired with your phone is when the status light is a slow white flash.

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