What if my right earbud (secondary) cuts out but the left (primary) works fine?

When two Rowkin earbuds are stereo paired, the left channel (primary) earbud connects with your phone (device) as well as right channel (secondary) earbud for stereo sound. If only the right earbud is experiencing a sound or connection problem, try rotating the right earbud by 90 degrees or so. This help line up the internal antenna between the two earbuds, prompting a better connection.

The antenna strips are located just under the Rowkin logo on the outer end of the earbud. To enhance stereo performance, make sure the left and right earbuds’ antennas are aligned parallel to each other. You can also orient the placement of the earbuds before inserting them into your ears, or rotate one of them until the stereo music stabilizes.

If the rotation or alignment does not improve this connection, please try the reset procedure with both earbuds, and then try the Stereo Pairing again.

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