What is the difference between Bit Stereo and Bit Charge Stereo?

Both Rowkin Bit Stereo and Bit Charge come with two Rowkin earbuds for stereo listening. The key difference between Rowkin Bit Stereo and Rowkin Bit Charge is in the charging feature.

The Rowkin Bit Charge has two charging slots (USB and a micro USB). The USB charging slot allows it to act as a portable power bank for additional devices (e.g. mobile device). The Rowkin Bit Charge also has a larger charging unit to support charging other devices. The larger battery size allows recharging of the two earbuds up to 15 times or fully charging an iPhone once.

If you favor a smaller form factor, we recommend the Rowkin Bit Stereo. The Rowkin Bit Stereo uses micro USB for self-charging only. The Rowkin Bit Stereo also supports about 2 earbud charges, but is much thinner and compact in size.


For additional product details, please refer to our product pages for the Bit Charge Stereo and the Bit Stereo.

Bit Charge Stereo

Bit Stereo

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